Why you may like Japanese Stickers if you do Sticker Art

In the last couple of decades, sticker art has become quite popular when it comes to doing scrapbooking, sending letters or any number of other handicrafts that require brightening up with illustrations or cartoons.

While there are many American sticker companies selling some beautiful stickers, if you have not used Japanese stickers yet, you really should give them a try.

Japanese stickers are cute — If you love stickers that are incredibly cute, you will love Japanese stickers. Japanese designers really do design some of the cutest Stickers on the plenty using everything from little girls and boys to animals, cute houses, cars and even food.

Japanese stickers are unusual — If you have not seen any Japanese stickers before, when you finally do see some for the first time you will see just how different they are to American stickers.

The people in them usually have very large eyes, button mouths and wear the cutest and girliest clothes. The animals are adorable, and far cuter in their facial features than many other animals you may have seen on stickers in the past.

Colors are also bright, and designs are unusual which is why, if you want stickers for your next sticker art that are unlike anything you have used before, then Japanese stickers are ones to consider.

Prices are inexpensive — As there are so many stickers made in Japan, prices tend to be inexpensive. Especially if you buy them from an online shop offering free shipping and with lower prices compared to some of the sticker and stationary shops actually located in Japan.

Do an online search for the keywords ‘cheap Japanese stickers’, and check out some of the online stores that appear. You may be surprised to see you can buy the cutest Japanese stickers for even less than you pay for American stickers.


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