For the Love of Stickers

1Our love for stickers begins in childhood. Whether we eagerly waited in our seats to see the stickers on our on our assignments or we received a sheet of stickers to decorate our own papers, getting stickers was exciting. Stickers have come a long way and are used in a variety of crafts.

Scrapbooking and card making

Scrapbooking has played a big part in stickers becoming popular once again. In scrapbooking, stickers are used not only as a page decoration, but as a way of expression. Card making is another popular craft that utilizes stickers. Scrapbooking and other papercrafts have, in a way, caused stickers to evolve over time. They are now created on papers that will not harm photos. They are made from eco-friendly inks and dies.

Not just for crafts

Stickers, however, are not only for crafts. Stickers play a big role in the marketing industry. Not only are they an inexpensive marketing tool, they are versatile. A sticker can be used for brand identity. Stickers can be placed just about anywhere to bring awareness regarding a certain brand. Stickers make for great giveaways at events. They are small and people like stickers. Chances are the stickers will get stuck in places where others can see them. Stickers can also be used to announce sales and provide other information.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, people are going to buy Stickers because they find them cute and irresistible. After all, who does not want a sheet of cute hamsters or flower stickers to decorate a calendar? Stickers are fun to use and collect.


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