Kawaii Pen Shop: Owner’s Vision and Products


Kawaii Pen Shop: Owner’s Vision and Products

Introduction: Vision of Owner

Kawaii Pen Shop specializes in products like pens and stationary. The business began the vision of bringing creativity into it. The shop’s founder and stationary owner is named Marin. She was raised in Europe and has a love for Asian culture. She was surprised to discover how difficult it was to get into the stationary that she felt was funky and cute. Something else she was surprised on was that there were others who had the same desire she had for stationary to be different. In order to make their vision come true and keep it affordable for everyone they give out worldwide delivery free of charge. They also would love to hear opinions from their customers.

Products: Pens

One example of a pen Kawaii Pen Shop sells for any cat lover out there. It’s a “Japanese Cartoon Cat Gel Pen”. In U.S dollars it costs $2.29. It comes in the colors of mint, white, beige, and pink. Another pen product you can get is a “Multicolor Fineliner Pen Pack”, with twenty-four colors included. This is $14.99 and has ink thats is water-based and free of toxic. One more example is one for those who enjoy the environment. It is a “Japanese Wonderland Ballpoint Pen”. It costs $2.29 and the ink color comes in blue. On the pen you can get a designs of a cloud, frog, monkey, wings, rabbit, or dove.

Products: Stationary

One example of a stationary product is “Creative Design Filler Paper”. It costs $11.29 and every set has forty sheets and has sizes of A5 which is 21cm x 14.2 cm and A6 which is 17.2 x 9.5cm. It comes in grid, to do list, weekly planner, lined, and blank. For more ideas click on Stickers.


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